What is Pharm D Solutions?

Owned and operated by pharmacists, Pharm D. Solutions is a sterile admixture pharmacy that provides oral drugs and sterile injectible medications to patients and pharmacies.  Our facility meets or exceeds USP regulations. 

By choosing Pharm D. Solutions to fill your medications, you can count on quality being part of every dose you take. Pharmacies that choose to us to centrally fill their drugs will find a seasoned partner in the changing landscape of sterile injectable medications.  


Commitment to quality

  • This unique service is utilized when your practice requires custom made sterile medications that are not commercially available. We use only USP grade products from reputable sources. We also adhere to cGMP practices and comply with USP <797>. Every batch is tested for sterility, potency, endotoxins, pH, particulate matter, and fill volume from an FDA-registered laboratory.