• We are federally registered labelers
    • Our designation as a 503b allows us to make medications for your facility or office use without having to make them patient-specific.  We supply all of our products with a unique NDC number for better tracking and reporting to the FDA.


  • Non-sterile to Sterile Compounding
    • This unique service is utilized when your hospital or practice requires custom made sterile medications that are not commercially available.  We use only USP grade products from reputable sources. We also adhere to cGMP practices and comply with USP <797>.  Every batch is tested for sterility, potency, endotoxins, pH, particulate matter, and fill volume from an FDA-registered laboratory.

What is Pharm D Solutions?

Owned and operated by pharmacists, Pharm D. Solutions is a sterile admixture pharmacy that provides sterile injectible medications to hospitals, clinics, physicians, surgical centers, and clinical studies.  Our facility meets or exceeds cGMP and USP regulations. Pharm D. Solutions is registered as an outsourcing facility under section 503b of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and is also licensed by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.  

By partnering with Pharm D. Solutions, you can save your practice or healthcare facility capital by repackaging costly sterile medications into smaller unit doses.  Below are more of the benefits to choosing Pharm D. Solutions for your sterile admixtures: 

Why choose Pharm D. Solutions?

Today's pharmaceutical market may be occasionally uncertain. With fluctuating reimbursements and stricter, costly regulations on compounded sterile products (CSP,) your bottom line may have changed. At Pharm D. Solutions, our business 'is' sterile preparations. Our sterile preparations program was built to handle the recent regulatory burdens placed on pharmacies. Our facility can safely compound all your sterile admixture medications in a timely fashion. 


  • Customizable batch sizes

    • We can customize your batch sizes to the needs of your hospital, clinic, surgical center or office. At Pharm D. Solutions, we do not like waste and neither does your budget.  We understand that small hospitals and clinics do not always benefit from high volume purchases from the national chains. We can work with your pharmacy departments to supply you exactly what you need when you need it.



  • Study Drug Compounding, Labeling, and Repackaging

    • Involve Pharm D. Solutions in your clinical study by allowing us to compound, label, and repackage study medications to your unique standards. Our experienced pharmacists will work with your team of researchers to best accommodate your study.